Property Manager

SmartSeriesTM is the perfect solution for those hard to heat areas throughout your property. They are durable, efficient, and compatible with Building Management Systems.

Property managers will also appreciate that the heater can be locked out for security (setting cannot be changed). There is also a “fan only” mode that can supply supplemental ventilation

To provide heating that is more efficient and more precise, we created an industry first, multi-stage heater. It operates at four different levels, using only the wattage you need to keep the room at a perfect temperature, while reducing your energy costs.
touch panel
Next, we reinvented the control panel, replacing traditional buttons and dials with a sleek LED touch screen.

These are just a few of the features that add up to an impressive value. Ease of installation, proven performance, and long term durability all add up to make the SmartSeries a very smart investment.